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For your Lenten reflection: Phyllis Calvey’s “The Butterfly Club ‘Is That You?'”

February 23, 2015

phyllis and brian calveyWe are pleased to offer a book by Phyllis Calvey of Lighthouse Ministry. She and her husband, singer and songwriter Brian Calvey, have presented several times to the women of the diocese of Worcester at our Gather Us In Conferences and other functions.  Phyllis’ storytelling and Brian’s songs have inspired many, making them a favorite with our presenters.

phyllis calvey butterfly clubMs. Calvey’s book is called The Butterfly Club: “Is That You?”. Here is a summary from Amazon:

The death of a loved one is a tragic event. Yet in our darkest hours, God often provides hope and comfort through the smallest things—like a butterfly.

In the vein of When God Winks and Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, The Butterfly Club presents real people’s stories of how God can, and does, use signs to communicate His presence to those in need. When author Phyllis Calvey heard story after story of how God used the sign of a butterfly to comfort those grieving the loss of a loved one, she set out to gather as many of those stories as she could find. Compiled together, these tales from people who share a common spiritual experience involving a butterfly—The Butterfly Club—answer the age-old question, “Does God speak to us?”

Whether you are grieving, or consoling someone who is, these stories of God’s undeniable presence will spark hope and dispel the difference between a mere coincidence and a genuine sign from God.

During the season of Lent, we are learning to die to ourselves as Jesus died in preparation for the resurrection of Easter Sunday. During these times God sends us signs of his love, and hope of the coming resurrection. Ms. Calvey’s book contains many such stories sure to inspire.

Visit Phyllis Calvey’s website to read excerpts from the book and order your copy.

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