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Join the “Year of Faith” Pilgrimage to Rome, sponsored by the Diocese of Worcester

May 6, 2013

Come share the
Graces of the Saints &
Martyrs of Rome


A “Year of Faith” Pilgrimage from September 9-20 led by Fr. Leo LeBlanc & Fr. Ken Cardinale, Worcester Diocese. Come and visit:

  • Our new Pope Francis
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Excavation site of St. Peter’s bones
  • Catacombs and other historic sites.

We will not only soak in the history and graces of Rome but walk humbly with God as we make the inward journey of the soul. We will conclude with St. Francis and St. Clare and all of Assisi as we reflect prayerfully what God has opened up for us.

Learn more by visiting or contact Fr. Leo LeBlanc 978-297-0280

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