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An inspirational poem

February 18, 2011

Majorca Gold

by Brunhilde Luken

The beach was rugged, the sky was dark,
The waves kept soaring against the black lava stones.
Winter! Dark night of my soul.
Why? Why?

In the distance I could see people bend down
Looking for the Majorca Gold.
They say, if you find the gold, it will bring you luck.

Go find it! You will find it.

I wrapped my coat tightly around me,
Cringing from the icy wind.
My mind said: it’s nothing but a myth.
So, why is everybody so happy when they find it?
It’s just a tiny stone.
I kept walking, the wind drying my tears.
You must find the gold.

I bend down to pick up a handful of sand
And let it slowly run through my fingers.
This darkness, will it go away?
Will my cheeks stay dry?
Whole groups of people looking like a herd of sheep,
All bend down to find their luck
While the waves kept hitting against the black lava stones.

Dark night of all souls,
Wind, did you dry their salty cheeks?
So I bend down one more time to find three tiny eyes right beneath my feet.
I picked them up, licked my salty lips and started to run.
Crying and laughing I shouted:
“I found the gold, I found the gold”
I pulled my coat tighter, then let the wind blow it open.
I did not even feel the cold.
Sunrays where breaking through the somber clouds.
I found the gold, yes! Yes!

Farewell dark night of my soul.

I am the good shepherd who is willing to die for the sheep
(John 10:11)

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