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The Face of Jesus

November 16, 2010

Readings for Today
Revelation 3:1-6,14-22; Psalm 15:2-5; Luke 19:1-10

Today’s Gospel reading is about Zaccheus, the chief tax collector, and how much he wanted to see Jesus. The Pray As You Go podcast today offered a wonderful image: imagine yourself as Zaccheus, up in the tree, looking down on the crowd. I thought as I heard this, “How would I know which man was Jesus? Would it be the way the crowd acted around Him? Would there be a subtle aura about Him? Would it be the loving look on His face? Would His face shine from the interior light within? What would make Jesus recognizable?”

I love how childlike Zaccheus was. He couldn’t wait to see Jesus! He forgot all about his dignity, ran ahead of the crowd, and climbed a tree just like a kid. And his reward was having the Master home for dinner!

What a wonderful picture of the verse where Jesus said we must be like children to get into the kingdom of God. Zaccheus certainly understood that. Do we?

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