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“Angels” by Brunhilde Luken

October 31, 2010

A friend of the commission, Brunhilde Luken, has contributed a story to our blog. She has written a book of reflections called My Walk with Christ and also is a talented painter who displayed her paintings at our last conference. If you wish to find out more about Brunhilde’s work, please write to us at

Here she shares a story of angels.

He shall give His angels charge over you,’
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’

A beautiful late Summer day in Bremen in 1988.’

My husband and I visited with his relatives in Bremen while we were on a 4 year business stay in Germany. It is early Monday morning and he had to catch a flight to America while I took the train back south to Kaufbeuren. Our plans were for him to drop me off at the train station.

It is such a beautiful morning. In the distance I still see the early morning mist  over the meadows. I feel so at peace and one with the Lord. The city is alive with people driving to work. Many people use their bicycle to go to work. Here is a lady properly dressed in a suit and high heels, ready for 5th Avenue, on her bike. A father with a little boy and girl each on their bike with a backpack, perhaps they are on their way to the market. The fresh fruit and vegetable markets, also fresh meats, are an institution in this part of the world. As we pass the market I can see the sea gulls circling ready to catch a bite as the farmers are setting up for the customers with their wonderful fresh foods so abundantly at this time of the year. Some older ladies, all dressed in black, are waiting on the side for the freshest vegetables and salads. Here the older ladies are mostly in black. They wear black for one year after a relative dies. By the time the year is up, maybe somebody else died. Older ladies are mostly in black. This seems to be the in-color after a certain age.

I feel so special  able to enjoy our Lord’s gifts. Life is just wonderful. My joy and peace are just overflowing. Thank you Lord for this day.

We just arrive at the train station. All is draped in this beautiful summer glow. I am a little rushed, it is a bit later then I wanted to be here. I can still hear the end of an announcement over the loudspeaker. Of course I have no idea what was just announced. A quick goodby to my husband and off I am to the train on the track from which my train is supposed to leave.

I just get on the last step and the train starts to roll. What is this? It is not suppose to leave yet. I do still have about 10 minutes. I am walking to a compartment and settle in for my journey south. I am realizing how empty this train is. Maybe I am able to take a snooze. We did have a busy weekend, that will be nice. It is about a 5 hour train ride. I looked out the window as the train is passing by parts of this beautiful old city with its red roofed houses. Just lean back and enjoy the ride, Brunhilde, as I started to talk to myself.

I looked at my closed compartment door, a glass panel from top to bottom, and there with his face pressed against the glass is a man with a plastic bag in his hand now staring at me. I heard a lot of stories in the past of train robberies by people from foreign countries. I am a perfect target, I thought. Why are you staring at me. Everything you should or should not do now raced through my head. Okay Lord this is for you. There is nothing I can do. My shouting to the Lord is probably more like a scream. I am remembering a scripture piece, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart”. I don’t think my heart is big enough for my trust now. There is nothing I can do. I am getting up and pretend I am not frightened. Looking out the window, I see how the train is racing by the countryside. Jumping out is not a good idea.

Lord, this is up to you, do I live or die now? I rely fully on you. I know I have a Holy Guardian Angel. But the stranger at the door does not see him. I know he is with me. So why am I frightened. I am sitting down again trying hard to relax while calling on any Holy Angel and all the Saints I know the names of, and on the Lord.

Immediately the door opens and two tall conductors, looking like twins, walk in. They quickly overlooked my situation and said, “Meine Dame, sie sind auf dem falschen Zug” (Lady you are on the wrong train). We will stay with you until you can get off the train to catch the correct one. It was announced before the train left that this train will go to the repair station.

I can not describe the joy I feel right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will get a taxi  that will take you to the correct train station to catch your train. Together we are walking to the exit. I am looking back and waving goodby. All is well again.

I thank the Lord profusely and could not wait to tell all my friends this story and how wonderful our Lord is to send help. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will take care of you”.

It took me a while until it entered my mind that perhaps these were Angels. I even thought maybe the stranger with the plastic bag was placed there for a purpose. Perhaps the Lord wanted to teach me that I can fully trust in Him with all my needs and He will take care of me.

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