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Gather Us In Workshop Spotlight: Linda Gray Kelley

April 15, 2009

Actress Linda Gray Kelley will be returning to the Gather Us In Conference this year to present a portion of her award-winning play, “Women of the Bible: The Good Girls and the Bad Girls.” Old Testament characters such as Delilah, Naomi and Ruth, Bathsheba and Esther will be presented

Ms. Kelley not only performs “Women of the Bible” but she wrote it as well. She fashioned the play as a the contemporary piece with the goal of reaching her audience with the stories of how these Bible women lived their lives. “Even the good girls were flawed, she says, “which means there is hope for us all!”

Her theatre audiences are primarily adults who enjoy the edgy though accurate biblical re-enactments. The series has been praised by bishops, nuns, rabbis, ministers, and religious conferences nationwide. Ms. Kelley’s greatest joy is performing for women in prison, her special ministry.

Featured on her website,, are videos of some of the characters, performed live. There is also a brand new podcast by the same name featured on the website – click on the Audio tab to access the easy-to-use player.

Ms. Kelley will perform the play twice at the Gather Us In conference, during the workshop segments.

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