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Sharing Advent Observances

December 4, 2008

I have come to truly love Advent. More and more I find it a refuge from the commercial Christmas (although I admit, it makes me forget to Christmas shop sometimes!). I remember when the kids were young, we used to light the Advent wreath at the dinner table and recite prayers before eating dinner. The kids are nearly grown now and out of the house, so I’ve had to find new ways to observe this special season.

Advent is such a ‘quiet’ and short season that it can easily be ignored or forgotten, and for a few years, I let our observances lapse. This year though, I wanted to take some time out each day to observe it.

First of all, I splurged on a really nice Advent wreath – well worth the expenditure. 🙂 Each morning I light the candle(s) on the Advent wreath (that’s my wreath in the picture), read a special Advent wreath prayer, and then read out loud (or chant) the daily readings. I end my time reading a concluding Advent prayer and singing an Advent hymn. The readings for Advent (especially from Isaiah) are so incredibly beautiful and makes this observance a pure joy.

This simple exercise takes just 10 minutes but it sets up the tone for the whole day. I find myself wishing to be with God more often during the day and I so look forward to spending that time with Him in the morning before leaving for work.

Many people have interesting ways of observing Advent. Do you have an observance you’d like to share? Simply click on the Comments link just below this post and share how you and your family observe Advent. We can all learn from each other.

Susan Bailey, Secretary, Commission for Women

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